Wrong Place Right Time

As many of you know, I’m starting yet another new school this fall. This being my third university, I obviously have gotten the “again?” or “why?” replies when telling people. This made sharing my should-be good news that much harder. Hence why only four people knew about it before the last week I was in Mobile. There wasn’t one person I told face-to-face that I didn’t tear up at. So no, this wasn’t necessarily a happy goodbye, rather, my happy new beginning with a heartbreaking see-you-later. All in all, I’m excited about a new start and wanted to share some of my thoughts with whoever may be interested!

First off, I’d just like to point out that coming out of high school, I never wanted to be that girl that bounced from college to college. I am a college-bouncing hypocrite. However, I don’t necessarily think it’s a result of my indecisiveness, rather, a result of me as an individual. I’ve thought about this idea of transferring to another school since September 2018. I kept it to myself for some time then realized the obvious fact in that frankly I shouldn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about my transferring. I love traveling- always have, and how I saw the situation was staying in a town I didn’t particularly wish to reside in post-college life seemed silly when I had the option to go elsewhere.

So all in all, I will miss Mobile and all who have made the past three years so special. See you this fall St. Louis!

Seven Things

On the contrary to the title of this blog, and Miley Cyrus, I will not be listing the seven things I hate about you. Rather, the seven things I’ve learned while being part of the dream team of 2013.

A best friend is nice and all, but wouldn’t it be way more fun to have six more to share all your absurd thoughts with? I think so too. Our little story goes back to 2013, spring indoor track season to be exact. A group of us took a very embarrassing picture at a meet (top left photo above). We, as girls always do, all needed a copy of said picture and created a group message to send it around. Lo and behold the “Dream Team of 2013” was born. Fast forward to today, we now live in 4 different states and attend 6 different schools. How do we stay in touch, you ask? Easy! That same group message we made to send one silly picture almost 5 years ago! They say a best friend is a lot like a four leaf clover, which is kind of silly because a seven leaf clover would more accurately depict our friend group, but they are most definitely hard to find and lucky to have!

  1. “Sisters Before Misters” “Fries Before Guys” “Food Before Dudes” I mean they’re one in the same, right? Sisters and fries?pic
  2. Indecisive and it’s fine! At least half of us, me included, determined our majors a little later than intended and more than likely will graduate when we’re senior citizens. Better late than never? We may just be following in the footsteps of the oh-so wise Asher Roth when he said “I want to go to college for the rest of my life,” but maybe slightly less raunchy.FullSizeRender
  3. Fall in love with any and every dog you see. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” comes into play on this one. Dogs are loyal, intelligent, and loving animals. From Rocky, Milo, Dexter, Nikko, Moe, Gigi, or even Maddie’s cat- Luna, don’t take them for granted! Even if they’re a cat.IMG_0226
  4. TRY to learn how to plan. Coldplay sang, “when you try your best but you don’t succeed,” and to me that absolutely portrays us trying to make plans. Being such a diverse group of friends, we are rarely ever in the same place at the same time, which makes planning things almost impossible. Notice how this photo is missing two of the seven. We try, but rarely do we succeed.IMG_0784
  5. You’ll never regret exercising. We were all runners at one point and that part of you never really goes away. No matter how much fun we had our first years of college, the dream team can always bounce back!pic6
  6. Laugh. Regardless the situation, laughter seems to always be the best medicine. Especially when Hannah is facing the wrong way.
  7. pic5Ask for HELP. From an unfortunate outfit to a life-changing decision, we can always get another’s opinion in the “HELP” gm.

The list can go on and on, but for sake of the “7 things” theme I had to cut it short. Reflecting on that past five years truly opened my eyes to all the good, the bad and the ugly things we’ve gone through and realized. For example, we’ve realized we will never all live in the same house with 15 dogs. Thank you for all the memories and laughs. Long live the Dream Team of 2013!